Rules of the Sife

by Guidelines

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released September 12, 2010



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Guidelines New Jersey

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Track Name: Insect
inside these hives, i will follow whats been said and whats been left behind. and everything i felt was felt in vain, but i still dwell on it. and everything i thought was real will never feel the same.
Track Name: True Colors
i'm climbing up and crawling out to break the chains that hold me down. abandoned all this life was worth. in light of death, a time of birth. and miles beneath the earth, your true colors shine through the hole in the ground that i'm buried in.
Track Name: Warren
can anyone hear it beat? my heart is swollen from the dry summer heat, and you lost me at the goodbye, shattering windows till the heathen can fly. i believe in collision when the world seems to gather whats been lost in this ether. and i'm under these floorboards, i can grasp their precision, i'm released from these lines. when we return, why now why wait. and i've kept my arms right here, they're open. and im left alone, i'm so alone. when we return, why now why wait. these leaves rip at my insides.
Track Name: At The Sky
i scream your name at the sky. it falters, remembering your life as a trailing echo. but it's a lie because all i hear is in my head. when this was still a dream. you left without making a sound. so i moved to the glaciers and i drowned all my dreams. i traversed as a cold wind and breathed in with the sea. i forgot we were one once. cleaned my blood of old oxygen. i stumbled forward alone, and then there were three. i won't live outside myself again.
Track Name: In Retrospect
i'm tearing the pages that shackle my thoughts, its haunting me down, im falling apart. relations completely erratic and cold, im holding your hand, it's falling apart. my skies are the arms that are holding me down. i'll never forget the home that im leaving. my skies are the arms that are holding me down. ill never forget the home that i left. in the eyes of my dad my, best friend is his son. keep me away from you. pull the skin over my eyes one more time and ill gnaw through it the like the dog that you made me become and now you have left me with the woman of your past.
Track Name: Vanquish
can i vanquish traits i dont possess. is it unfair to test the ground. how have i made it this far without a word to keep myself in line. its these wretched hands that give us life and feed our brains and make them cry. they tell us all to look for faith, but there's none to give and none to take. nothing holds us forever. never. nothing. no thing.
Track Name: Bison
wring of my neck what it tries to breathe. hide of a bison, claws of a vulture tearing at me. these scars are the footprints you left on my chest. fingers crossed that i won't fade with them. is it still too much for me to ask to keep me grounded but pull me in close, no my anchor cannot be my vessel but i dont have the courage to stop. so i'm scrawling these words on the pavement. biting hands that have only fed gruel. burning bridges that cant take me home. in the dust i am shivering. the falling rain pulls me back into my cloud. overwrought, underwhelmed, to empty youth, i am bound. stage an escape, from promises that left us here, hollow and defeated.
Track Name: Taken Hold
birds from babel cloud the sky. the light that peers through me paints faded pictures of you, undeniably old and faded. this is the end of the road. a second chance and light has left me. its when growth proceeds to move me forward and i find your light behind me. the birds have taken hold.